LED Track Lighting – Advantages of Switching To Brought Track Lights

Listed here are the advantages of using commercial grade products just like an AVR Brought track light system:

• Low energy usage – Up to 80% economical when compared with traditional track lights. This is often less than 4.8W for any 50W halogen substitute to simply 28.8W for any CDM70 substitute.

• Intensely Effective – Using Cree MCE LED’s has allowed us to provide outstanding intensity although being ultra efficient.

• Defining – Proven LEDs like Cree MCE’s offer beautiful defining effect which brings objects to existence. There’s also a number of source colour temperatures available. Included in this are warm (3K), soft (3.5K), neutral (4k) & awesome (5K). These temperatures may also be split further offering warmer/cooler temperatures as needed.

• Thermal – LED’s tend to be cooler than traditional lighting products therefore offering less heat. It’s quite common myth that LED’s offer no heat. This isn’t the situation as LED’s could possibly get hot and therefore are very delicate. Therefore there’s an excuse for thermal management systems that get rid of the heat in the LED’s and direct it towards the heat sync (body from the fitting) that is frequently produced from aluminium.

• Existence Expectancy – Proven LED track lighting systems which use quality LEDs coupled with excellent thermal management can last up to 70,000 hrs with minimal stop by light quality.

• Instant – Brought products offer instant illumination with no need to warm-up.

AVR Brought lighting is very robust because they are manufactured in the middle of the United kingdom at our Leicestershire lighting manufacturing facilities. We design, develop and deliver quality commercial grade led track lighting items that last up to 70,000 hrs. All of our products incorporate a three year warranty. AVR only use the very best components for example Cree MCE diodes, Italian optics & AVR thermal heat sinking & drive systems. Every components require expertise. AVR has got the experience and understanding to create & assemble revolutionary items that deliver leading edge performance each time.

AVR are presently searching for trade partners who share our passion and vision of delivering an AVR fitting to each major store globally. AVR goods are already supporting many leading retailers inside the United kingdom by delivering gemstone standard illumination although saving to 80% in energy savings when compared with traditional lights.

AVR systems happen to be created for commercial & industrial projects but have since become broadly used within homes too. Our goods are both aesthetically & visually pleasing towards the eye, that provides a refreshing outlook. AVR lighting is contemporary in design, getting us to forefront not only to technical ability however in the way the physical method is perceived. AVR have began a revolution and can certainly be pushing introducing many innovative Brought products during the period of 2010/2011.

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