3 tasty and nutritious dishes that can be made with Ragi atta!

In recent times, ragi is gaining prominence as a superfood due to the wide variety of nutrition and health benefits that it provides. Ragi, also known as finger millet, has its origin in the continent of Africa and it is mostly cultivated in the eastern and southern regions of Africa. Whereas in India, ragi is mostly cultivated in the southern and western regions, mainly in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand.

Ragi is widely available in the market in the form of flour and the most common way to consume ragi in India is to make roti from the flour. However, we are going to look at 3 ways to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from ragi atta that will completely fulfil your taste buds. These ragi dishes will also provide various nutritional benefits since ragi is a powerhouse of vivid nutrients.

Ragi is rich in fibre, and it is also a whole grain cereal that is gluten-free. Since ragi does not require polishing for its distribution, it retains most of its nutrients. It is also a powerhouse of calcium and contains most of the beneficial vitamins and amino acids. Out of its total macronutrients, ragi contains about 7% of protein, hence it is a good source of protein for all vegetarians.

You can try these ragi recipes by using the ragi flour from Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfood range. The aashirvaad ragi flour is made from whole ragi grains that are pure and maintained with proper hygiene. These nutritious ragi flour ideas that we will be looking at can be easily incorporated into your everyday meals.

Ragi Porridge

Porridge is one of the most convenient breakfast dishes to prepare since it requires fewer ingredients and less amount of time to prepare. All you must do is prepare ragi water by taking 2 tbsp of ragi atta and mixing it with ½ cup of water. Then mix it till there are no lumps and add another 1 cup of water. Simply keep boiling this mixture till a thick consistency is formed and your delicious and easy to digest porridge will be ready.

Ragi Cookies

A cookie is a favourite teatime snack that is savoured by all due to its texture. Ragi cookies are the best way to have a mix of both taste and nutrition in the same product. Simply make the cookie batter by mixing ragi atta, cocoa powder, ghee and jaggery. Add baking powder to the batter and form small cookies from the batter and place on parchment paper to bake for about 18-20 minutes.


Ragi Dosa

Dosa is one of the favourite breakfast staples that is enjoyed across the Indian subcontinent. Including the goodness of ragi will make the dosa more nutritious and flavourful to eat. To create the ragi dosa, you must make the batter by mixing ragi flour, rice flour, yoghurt and adding your choice of condiments. Form the batter well by mixing all the ingredients till there are no lumps, then rest the batter for 15 minutes. Cook the batter on a Tava by applying oil and your delicious breakfast treat will be ready.