What kind of hydroponics grow lights should you choose

Are you looking for a high quality of harvest and better yield from your hydroponics plants? Do you want them to absorb the nutrient solution that you provide to the maximum possible extent? If yes, your plants should make use of the photosynthesis process perfectly.  What does this mean? It means making use of the lights to absorb the nutrients fully. To ensure of all these, you have to install the right hydroponics grow light in your cabinets. How do you know which lighting system would be great for you? Read on to know more:

Duration of lighting

Do the plants require lighting for a long time? Some plants that grow tall and they need to be exposed to light for long hours. Yes, LED lights are a great choice. However, when fixing them, you should be very careful because if they are placed too close to the plants, they can prove to be dangerous. The plants turn brown and get crippled very easily, thereby affecting your yield. Even though all other elelements in your hydroponic garden system are perfect, the plants may not grow properly because of improper use and positioning of the LED lights. In this case, flouroscent bulbs are great choices, because they don’t give out too much of heat, even when they are on for long hours.

Colour temperature of the light

If you are looking for lights that offer various temperatures and colours on the spectrum, you can choose High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights. These are the lights that give away light that is almost similar to natural sunlight. They are very hot and if your plants don’t need so much of heat, you can buy coolers or fans to combat this effect. The two varieties of these grow lights are Metal Hallide (lights emitting the cooler or blue colours of the spectrum) and high-pressure sodium grow lights (lights emitting the warmer or red colours of the spectrum). MH lights are used when the plants cross the vegetation stage and the HPSL are used when the plants enter the flowering stage.

Lights for practical ease and cost savings

Irrespective of the requirements of your hydroponic plants, LED lights are considered to be the best grow lights. This is because they are very effective and durable. They do cost more than the MH or HPSL or CFL lights. However, the money spent on them is justified fully, because they last for many years. You don’t have to replace them quite often, thereby saving a great deal of money that you would have otherwise spent on maintenance expenses. They give out very little and consume little energy to light up the grow-cabinet for many hours. Therefore, you will see a marked difference in your power bills, once you start using these. Since the heat emitted by them is very minimal, you don’t have to invest an additional amount on coolers or fans. They are available in different colours, of which, the most common is the green shade. They can be installed in your hydroponic garden to monitor the plants without disturbing them.